Binaural installation by Geräuschkulisse (Martina Weber, Carina Pesch, and Lena Löhr)
Walk into a room. Lie down. Put on the headphones. We take you into the cosy scenery of a bedroom. Your body gets heavier and slowly, slowly you walk with one of us into dreamland. From
a common starting point three stories evolve. Each of us takes you on a different journey. Listening to all three dreams you will encounter familiar voices and places, though a little different.
fb: geraeuschkulisse.leipzig

Digital prints from sound-excited waterwaves by BrancheUndMartinot (Diane Martinot and Sébastien Branche)
Always looking for ways of mixing sound and light, they’re using a scanner and water-waves to keep track of sound elements, either static or evolving with time. Through this process, they weave light and sound together, creating patterns sometimes reminiscent of shapes one can find in Nature.

_ _ _ _ _ X MAJOR LASER!

documenting sound installation and laser apparatus by Malo Macht Musik
A modified cassette deck without delete head records sound in a room – layer onto layer onto layer on a music cassettes – each containing 24 hours of sound compressed into 90 minutes. These tapes are being played to a audio reactive apparatus made of stereo speakers, laser pointers, air balloons and a bluetooth transmitter. The laser apparatus converts the sound into wild, three coloured laser graphics.