Thursday, 11:00-15:00
 Open Composition with Hannes Lingens

Starting point for this workshop is the idea of the musical event as a „shared experience“ (A. Beuger) between composer, interpreter and audience. The workshop deals with pieces, that are to a large degree shaped by those who play them. The players are not merely executing pre-fixed ideas, but have their say in central aspects of the how and the what of the music. The compositions trigger a process of dealing with certain musical problems. The music receives its shape in the moment of the performance.
Max 15 participants, open to all instruments (bring your own instrument)

Friday, 15:00-18:00
space – we – space
Soundwalk in three courses with Geräuschkulisse

How does a stone sound like? How does architecture sound like? What does my position in a
place do to the place? And how do we find ourselves in it? The soundwalk invites you to turn off
your visual sense and to focus on listening. Turn filters off and turn on your natural amplifiers.
Try to follow a lead and to be without orientation so that you can discover yourself in a new way
in a known place. A city tour in three ‘Listening-Courses’.
max. 24 participants (in groups of maximum 8 persons), no musical experience needed
Meeting point: in front of the Kulturnhalle, 20 Minutes before the start of the soundwalk. Please wear comfortable shoes.

Saturday, 11:00-15:00
Improvisation and reduced Music with Sébastien Branche

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to discover, learn or practice improvisation in the context of experimental music. All instruments are welcome, with or without experience in that field.
At the start of the workshop, there will be a warm-up round for the ears as well as the instruments. This will be followed by exercises, or rather playing situations focusing on a specific aspect: timing, textures, imitation, etc. At the end, we will improvise altogether or in smaller groups.
Max. 15 participants, no experience of experimental music needed, open to every instrument (bring your own instrument).

Price: 20-40 Euros each.
Suggested price: 1 Workshop 40 Euros, 2 Workshops 70 Euros, 3 Workshops 90 Euros


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